Mountain Quest - Rizal, Philippines

Mountain Quest is an offroad tour operator company that offers ATV and Dirtbike tours in Rizal, Philippines. It was founded in December 2019, that starded with an idea which was to bring and share that experience for everyone by finding the possible routes that even beginners can tour around. ATV rentals were the only ones that were being initially offered, but it has expanded to include camping, UTV rentals, and 4×4 tours too in 2020.

We worked with Mountain Quest at the start of January 2020 until present and helped them scale their brand. From creating social media pages, websites, to creating communities and engaging with them, then eventually generating great sales for them. We have developed and employed majority of the marketing strategy for the company.

Lettuce Connect is proud of the achievements it has achieved for scaling and marketing Mountain Quest.

Key Highlights

Designed a dynamic website with all of our client’s requests

We designed a brand new custom website with a gorgeous and modern UI/UX that has an emphasis on the mobile experience. Even on Mobile, visitors would see video and interactive features, in addition to a swipe-up menu for navigation. We moved all of the pre-existing material and optimized the site map, and the website is still running on WordPress. In addition to the usual SEO tools integrated into the site, we also created a blog for SEO. Additionally, we put up Google Analytics to transparently and reliably track KPI objectives like email list sign-ups, contact form submissions, and more.

Grew website traffic by 1.2k users per month

We had 200 users in the first 3 months then 26,000 users 2 years later

Arranged 30+ Influencer Colaborations

We were able to collaborate with countless of social media influencers that meet the socio-graphic messaging that would help push Mountain Quest’s messaging as “The best and must-try activity to do in Rizal”. We achieved this feat without spending money on the collaborations.

Improved user’s website experience tremendously

We increased the average session duration to 5+ minutes.

Rebranded logo and brand colors

Initial logo and  brand theme used were similar to their competitor. We created a more distinct and unique high-quality logo and a more consistent branding for content and marketing to better establish the brand on it’s early phase. 

Grew Instagram followers from 0 to 1k+ in a year

Created a regular posting schedule and follower growth approach,  monthly visits from local PH influencers, use of Instagram’s new features, boosted IG posts, and high-quality user-generated content.

Grew Facebook page likes from 0 to 21k+ in a year

We developed a series of marketing strategy to build and scale the brand. We also consistently posted high quality content to build the brand. Paid ads was utilized efficiently and we actively engaged with followers. 

3674% Return on Investment for Paid Ads

We efficiently utilized Facebook paid ads and handled all customer inquiries for higher conversions. We did a series of AB split tests and achieved the best socio-demographics  for targeting audiences with high conversion rates. In a period of spending 136,000.00 PHP on paid ads, sales from conversions generated around 5,100,000.00 PHP (estimated). 

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