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Lettuce Connect is a marketing company that delivers solutions for SMEs, Startups Enterprise, and a wide variety of clients worldwide.

Who Are We

Lettuce Connect is a PH based company that offers not only local but also international businesses high quality marketing services to help them by improving their social media presence, generate leads, create content, manage ads, and create customer engagement without having our partners spend their precious time and effort on their social media pages.

Our Mission

We make it our duty to provide the best customer results possible and ensure brands maximize the power of social media and position ourselves as the choice to develop or execute their strategies.

What We Do

Our 6 Step SMM Process


Goal Setting

We’ll carefully research your brand to determine your needs and goals in order to develop the best web campaign we are able to offer for your brand.


SM Strategy Development

A brand can employ a variety of social media marketing techniques. To meet your objectives and goals, we will use the ones that will work best for you and are in line with your brand.


Content Planning

Social media marketing involve publishing texts, photos, videos, and other types of material. We check to make sure the posts are engaging and not boring. In order to do this, our design team and I work very hard. Even the captions will be produced by us, so after the graphic designs have been created, we will create an attention-grabbing caption for your social media posts.


Partner Review

As soon as we finish creating the material for your marketing campaign, you may review it and decide what adjustments you want to make.



We will start publishing the content as soon as we receive your approval. No need to worry; we keep up with consumer trends and digital marketing trends, so we know when to post.


Report and Refine

Without the statistics to back it up, social media cannot genuinely be considered successful. Because of this, analytics and reporting will be done on a regular basis. In order to better use our time and your money to accomplish your goals, we take the time to assess what is and is not working.

Why Choose Us?

We create lasting, meaningful connections at Lettuce Connect, and we produce concrete outcomes. Concentrate on what you do best while our social media marketing specialists make sure you’re successful online!

The success of our clients is very important to Lettuce Connect. We only offer you advice on products and services that will advance your brand. Your company’s expansion is our team’s top priority.

To all potential clients, we provide free consultations. We want you to comprehend the finer points of how a fresh approach to social media marketing might advance your company. We are excellent listeners, and we’ll work with you to identify the needs of your company so that we can create an effective approach.

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve worked with a range of top brands in the Philippines. Feel free to ask for verified testimonials if you’d like to see what our past clients think of our work!

Because we are so certain that you will be pleased with our services and that we can achieve the outcomes you need, we do not do long term contracts.

Large businesses offer fixed packages that force the client to pay for things they might not require. Being a bespoke social media company, we provide greater flexibility in service selection and only offer the most reasonable option for the client, never using a cookie-cutter approach.

We keep tabs on how well our services are working. To monitor increased exposure and other crucial indicators, we’ll conduct internal testing. It’s also the most effective technique to show actual proof of our influence.

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