Tsunami Axie Guild - Pasig

Tsunami is a guild that focuses on play-to-earn games in Crypto and Metaverse. They mainly play Axie Infinity. With the rise of NFTs in 2021, the brand was established to build a community and provide content for them.

In 2021, we worked with Tsunami Axie Guild for 2 months at the start of July until August and helped manage their page and create content and get organic reach and engagements from certain demographics. We also helped build their Discord and create a loyal community that always engages with the brand.

Key Highlights

Grew Facebook page likes from 0 to 2.7k+ in a month

We posted high quality and informative content for page visitors. We utilized a marketing strategy that rewards Facebook page likers via contests and informative contents.

945% Increase in Facebook page visits in a month

We devised a consistent scheduled posts for the Facebook page and encourage the loyal community members to share it to their respective social media feed. Creating interesting captions was the driving force of the great influx of page visitors.

Created a Discord server and grew an engaging community

We created a functional discord server with a lot of utility for the brand’s community members. We managed and engaged with the community members and administered their server.

67% Increased effectivity of Facebook ad management

We carefully studied which audience would resonate with the brand’s content and posts,  then applied a more strategic paid Facebook ads approach.

Designed official logo of the brand

We designed 5 stunning logos that were based on our partner’s mission and vision of the brand, and is now the official logo of the brand.

Proof Of Work:

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